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How can I stop my cat from begging for his meals?

My male orange cat is being really annoying lately about wanting his daily meals. He starts begging at the bedroom door in the morning as soon as my eyes open (like he has ESP or something). After his morning feeding he is fine until about 5 hours later where he starts whining again for his dinner.

We try to feed him twice a day, once around 10-11am and again around 10-11pm (my girlfriend and I work weird shifts).

My other cat is perfectly satisfied but the male won't stop begging!

An advice?

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    You could try leaving a bowl of dry food out all day long and cutting back on the AM and PM meals.

    Also, a hungry cat is a really great cat for training to do tricks. Just a consideration.

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    7 years ago

    Try giving him a lil more food when you feed him, he may just have a fast metabolism. if that doesn't work then I'm sorry but you have a piglet kitty.

    Source(s): My cat does the same thing
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