Any tips for a severe sore throat sufferer?

I woke up this morning with my throat feeling a little scratchy. But, occasionally, when I first wake up, my throat is a little sore, so I let it go. But at school it acted up suddenly and my throat felt horrible. I couldn't talk and was drinking water all day. Now, it's the same and I can't talk without feeling like someone poured bleach down my throat. I've been drinking soothing liquids but nothing seems to be helping. I even took a 2 hour "nap" (didn't really fall asleep) after school. I've never had a sore throat like this before. Tips, please? Also, should I stay home from school tomorrow? I don't want to stay home but I also don't feel my best.

Input is greatly appreciated.

Thanks and have a great day, Blessings!


Thanks Amber for your extremely helpful tips...and for not giving me spam links.

Update 2:

@wishnuwelltoo I'm glad I stayed home today. I'm feeling a little better and if I went to school I would've gotten a dozen other people sick and expose myself to more viruses. How can I get better by going out and about? Sure I missed some things that I wanted to be part of but that's better than getting other people sick while I don't feel a speck better myself. It's sad to think you'd think I was faking something to get out of school, which I love. The only way to get better is to rest and take some medicine, not suffer throughout the day. Gee.

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    I would suggest a teaspoon of honey everyday, drinking water, try leaving it out so its warm, drinking tea everynight before bed, atleast 8 hours of sleep, warm showers, no yelling of the voice, brushing the back of your tongue because sore throats are sometimes due to bacteria/listerine twice a day, or you can try Alka-Seltzer. Tastes somewhat disgusting but it works. Hope you feel better.

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    GO TO SCHOOLLLLLLLLLLL, quit with the excuses and just go to school. Seriously though, I am sorry you are sick, but really the best thing to do is to go to your medical doctor and sort it out. We can only guess, sinuses are an issue now, but bronchitis could be a factor and in the early stages that is contagious. We don't know of you have a cold or flu or you are just trying to get out of school. I make lemonade with real lemons and I heat that like a tea, so I cough up what I need to cough up, and then I take honey to soothe the throat. Go to school, if you get worse then go to the school nurse, but go to school you might miss something.

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    Since this is a reoccurring problem you need to make an appointment to see a doctor. You might need to have your tonsils removed. But for the mean time to help relieve the soreness you can gargle with salt water and use a throat spray to help numb your throat for relief of pain. Do not take any other medications until you see your doctor since you will only mask symptoms that could be very important in getting a correct diagnoses.

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    chammomile tea sweetened with honey (raw honey is best, but normal honey is fine too as long as it doesn't have added sugar), and acetaminophen (tylenol). Drink the tea all day to keep your throat soothed. My younger sister says pop helps (because of the bubbles), but I've also heard it's bad when you have a sore throat.....

    Try to avoid all dairy products. They increase mucus production which makes your throat more sore in the long run (I'm really bad about this one - when I get a sore throat I almost always want milk or icecream to soothe it quickly).

    You should probably go to the doctor to make sure you don't have strep.

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