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Songs relating to Sweeney Todd?

I have to do a project for my english class that involves me making a soundtrack for a book I've read. I read sweeney todd, and I can't think of any song. They can't actually be from the play, I'm so stuck!!

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    Which book did you read? The original book or the Sweeney Todd script or some other Sweeney Todd book? Because that would depend on which songs you use. However, going from the story of the musical, I've thought of a couple in my time. There's a movie called Repo! The Genetic Opera and I don't know if you've heard of it, but there are a few songs from it that fit with Sweeney Todd. The two big ones for me are Legal Assasin (

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    ) and Let the Monster Rise (

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    ). Legal Assasin fits because Sweeney Todd has a legal occupation and assasinates people and nobody arrests him (at least, not at first) and Let the Monster Rise fits for when Johanna discovers that Sweeney Todd is a murderer. There's another that fits, but only partially, but it's called Overdone (

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    ) if you wanted to look at it. I know those are kinda depressing, so a lighter one that works as well is called One Day I'll Fly Away (

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    ) and version I suggest is from Moulin Rouge, simply because she says 'leave all this' instead of 'leave your love' and it works bettter. I would use that one for when Johanna is singing about green finches and linnet birds. I haven't thought of many others, but there are plenty of songs that could work, you just have to think.

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