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outdoor portrait studio..?

ok, so right now i dont have enough money for all that fancy portrait studio equipment, like the lights and everything,

everytime i have photoshoots outdoors, i love how the lighting looks, so i was wondering

can i set up a background like in a portrait studio, in the shade and just let the sun do its thing?

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    The earliest of portrait photographers did just that. They used sun coming in to studios, they set backdrop up on the plains. You would be following a great tradition.

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    Yes you can. But you are of course restricted then to working with what you have - natural light is great...until there's not enough of it, it's too hard (or soft) or in the wrong direction!!

    You don't need tons of money to get a simple (portable) off camera flash setup & it will make the world of difference. A single manual flash (speedlight) & trigger costs in the region of £60 total. That alone will help you to take more control of lighting. Add to that a light stand & brolly (about £45 or so) and you'd have a portable, battery operated setup you can take outdoors with you - great for some soft fill flash for example.

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    Give it a try. Be sure to incorporate some reflectors.

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