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Can someone please, please explain this?

I'm taking a test on Friday called the "iTED" and I think I'll do pretty good, but I'm a little concerned about how I'll do with math and science. I'm taking the test because I've been homeschooled for 4 years, and in September, I'm going to high school (public school) I won't be doing homeschooling anymore. I'll be going into the 9th grade, so I'm assuming the test will be for grade 8. On Wikipedia, they describe it like this:

• Math:

This section focuses on problem solving and logical thinking skills rather than mathematical computation. Some questions require basic computation while others require students to determine the steps necessary to solve a problem without actually completing the problem itself.

• Science:

The science materials section of the ITED evaluates students' familiarity and comfort with scientific procedures and their ability to understand and analyze scientific information and methods.

What does this mean? What will I have to be doing?


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    I found this that has some tips:

    if you can get to a book store, there are several preparation books that include tips and practice tests. but you'll have to hurry.

    Either way, do not worry yourself over the test. It is what it is. Just be calm, concentrate and do your best. No one can ask for any more from you.

    As a homeschooler, if you read a lot, you should do well.

    Remember to take a bunch of sharpened pencils and dress comfortably, and good luck!

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