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Running for class office?

Okay guys, I could use some help. I'm running for sophomore class president at my school, and need some catchy slogans to put on signs. My last name is "Wild", so maybe something that incorporates that? Any other tips for a successful campaign would be greatly appreciated! Thanks :)

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    Go buck wild and vote for me!

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    Get a pair of truthful, to blame people who're prepared that can assist you, and set up a marketing campaign. you would be wanting commercials, which you would be able to ask to positioned up around the college. To get to comprehend human beings on your type, you may desire to casually purely communicate on your classmates. Say you're working for sophistication president and their opinion in what might desire to get replaced is significant to you. it truly is, isn't it? do no longer be cheesy, be intense considering the fact which you're intense approximately working. when you get to comprehend all and sundry and their evaluations, artwork a number of those into your marketing campaign. yet another element, get to comprehend your central and vice central. they are the pinnacle of the college, so if/once you're elected, you will pick their permission to do countless issues. do no longer be a kiss-up, yet be effective.

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