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Child custody from primary to sole?

My child's father for the past couple months has not bothered to see her much at all. He gets her fri-sun from 12:00pm-7:00pm. Couple months ago he started not to pick her up Fridays anymore. So I let that slide. And then he slowly started only seeing her once a week or once every other week and then recently didn't bother to see her the past 2 weeks. I'm assuming he doesn't care anymore.

Then just last night he contacts me after 2 weeks and says he wants our daughter during the week since he's been "working" a lot. He doesn't have his own car and lives with his mother. So there would be no way that he could pick up Scarlett during the week. He uses his mothers car since she's off on weekends. He has not bothered to show up for court or mediation the last 2 months. I'm going to be meeting up with an attorney to change my primary custody to sole custody.

I want to know if he doesn't bother to show up for court or anything that is asked of him.

Will I be granted sole custody without visitation?


Okay so I guess I need to add details.

This was a domestic violence relationship. He lived with me at my parents for 2 years did not work and did not want to go to school. He was beating the **** out of me and controlling me all the time. I finally had the balls to get help and do something about my safety and my daughters. Not only he was beating me he was doing it in front of our daughter. He has no car. And when I kicked him out that's when he wanted to get a job. So it took a restraining order against him and I get kicked out for him to get motivated to get a job? That's ridiculous. The whole he lived at my parents FREE of rent and good, my parents are the ones who supported him. His own family didn't even care until when I kicked him out and he had nowhere else to go.

So please lady you have no idea what's going on.

Why the hell would he pick her up Saturday and then last minute right before he's supposed to pick her up tells me he can't Sunday. If he

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    If he had genuinely been working, then why punish. More importantly why punish your daughter. I realize by your post he's been more absent recently, but by him calling and asking to see him means he is trying.

    Also making assumptions that he's not working or cannot provide transportation may be inaccurate. Unless you talk frequently and are friendly, I doubt you know much about his life anymore than he tells you.

    Let you daughter have her father, don't be bitter because he can't follow the rule exactly.

    Btw, Scarlett is a lovely name. I named my daughter the same.

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    known is the determine who has the youngster complete-time, yet not solely. Sole custody potential that the youngster won't spend greater beneficial than a weekend with the different determine. Joint custody potential that the youngster can pass freely as she likes between dad and mom without regulations.

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