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Am I in big trouble ?

My friend and I go to the same high school were good friends as we usally say hi in the hallways and text. She's 15 and I'm 18 i turned 18 in dec, her and I were talking and I asked her for a hj but I was joking cause I told her, she knew I was joking too, today she got called down to the office for some reason and got her phone checked by the principle he was searching for something else but found out msges as well she begged and pleaded not to get me into trouble, I was called down later that day and was told about it and that I was in trouble, he said that she told not to get me into trouble but he said he couldn't look away on this situation, I might get suspended upto 20 day and possibly charged he said I might only just get a warning about it but I'm not sure, we didn't do anything sexual, no pics or anything like that. Am I in trouble for this ?

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    If you only sent a text then nope, just don't be intimidated and tell the truth. Bugger all they can do since it requires a confession of intercourse from either side or pictures on a phone or laptop/computer to prove it. Got none of them? Your safe, your principle is just a dick.

  • hatti
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    4 years ago

    lol, so humorous, we actually have a guy working with us who this reminds me of!!! he's so ordinary!!! He went to the shop and asked me if i needed something so i suggested 20 marlboro, in the event that they aint have been given marlboro get me something.... so he did, he got here back with a beef pie!!!! (they did not have marlboro!)

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Depends on your school I think I don't know..

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