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Online puppy classes?

Does anyone know of any websites or of a youtuber that does free online puppy obidence classes ? I'm looking for videos that teach basic obedience such as sit come stay leave it and so on and maybe a few tricks and pointers Basicly what you would learn from a trainer but in video formant

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    To be quite honest, the entire point of these "puppy classes" is for the pup to learn to behave when there are other dogs and distractions around (although most will claim it's to "socialize" and let the pups interact...which I would advise against).

    I would watch general dog instructing videos or classes. Remember that the pup has only a short attention span, focus on ONE command for at least a week. Work 5-10 minute sessions at a time. Keep them short and fun

  • Shaina
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    7 years ago

    Just type in puppy obedience.

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