Can i build a computer in hot weather without damaging the parts? (Noob question)?

OK so i want to build a computer for the first time however the only place that i can build it is in my shed however it is starting to become hot like soon it will be 85 to 100 degrees out will the parts be OK in the heat or will it ruin them?

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago
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    As long as any part is not listed as needing to be kept under those temperatures it is safe. Do NOT, however place any part onto any surface which is directly heated by the sun, apart from ther metals in components there are platics, which WILL distort with excess heat, and computer chips (hundreds on the mother board) are sealed units, under excess heat they can suffer high internal pressure from expansion. This WILL split the chip, destroying it.

  • WayneH
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    7 years ago

    Copper, gold, and silicon are not affected by anything below what would melt them as long as they're not running. After you're finished it will need to be in a cooler environment.

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