Could Someone tell me why this python code will not work?

print ("welcome to the slope calculation shell")

print ("Please input y1 coordinate")

y1 = int(input("y1: "))

print ("Please input the y2 coordinate")

y2 = int(input("y2: "))

print ("Please input the x1 coordinate")

x1 = int(input("x1: "))

print ("Please input the x2 coordinate")

x2 = int(input("x2: "))

yicep= y2-y1

xicpt= x2-x1


print (slope"is the slope of the equation")

I put that down in notepad++ with no errors apparent but when i ran it in the python interpreter it would not work. Could someone tell me whats wrong and maybe put the right version of the code in their reply? Thanks

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  • 8 years ago
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    Replace the last line for

    print slope, " is the slope of the equation"

    Also, you need to handle the case when x2 = x1

    And replace all your int() by float(), or else you'll have integer-only operations.

  • 8 years ago

    If you're using Python 3 or later then the last line should read:

    print(slope,"is the slope of the equation")

    If you're using something earlier than Python 3 then it should be:

    print slope, "is the slope of the equation"

    Also note that Python 3 uses input for all input, whereas Python 2 and earlier differentiates between input (integers only) and raw_input (strings). But as the poster above me said, replace 'int' with 'float' unless you intend for the coordinates to only be integers.

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    4 years ago

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