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Car amp not turning on?

i have a 15" rockford Fosgate punch p2 hooked up to an alpine alpine mrp m350 and the amp is not turning on when i start my car. i have my hot wire to my battery and ground wire to bare metal (sanded the paint away for a good 10 minutes) and remote wire all hooked up to the places they should go on everything but the amp will not turn on. i took a piece of wire and touched the + terminal on the amp to the remote wire terminal ( while everything was still plugged in) and the amp turned on but the light was flickering and no bass came through the sub with music playing. when i bought this the guy who sold it to me did a demo for me and it sounded clean and clear and everything worked. help please??:(

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  • Dennis
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    8 years ago
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    Hey Ben,

    That's a sweet Sub you got there!

    This is really strange, and I've seen on several other sites..people have had the exact same problem.

    I'm gonna use all my knowledge for this, and hopefully I'll help another user like you in the future.

    What I would do is, check all connections. No matter how confident you are about them..Check...check..check.

    1. As you said, you placed a wire on the 12v+ and remote. That means that your remote wire is not hooked up properly. You need to recheck that connection, and don't continue until you fixed that problem.

    2. On the EQ's, set/turn the gain to 1/4. (If you have this feature)

    3. Disconnect the Subwoofers from the amplifier..(For now.)

    4. Recheck the ground cable.. I install many systems into peoples cars, and I can't tell you how many times this is a common problem. Make sure the connection can't move either, on the bolt.

    5. Now, turn on the car. (Without the subwoofer connected) If the led displays, with no might have something smoked.

    6. Last thing I would attempt: If you have a small speaker or smaller subwoofer..hook it up and see if it will output bass without any problems... If it does, this means your 15" Is pulling way too much current/power from the Amplifier..meaning you'll need a bigger amp.

    Good luck.

  • kuy
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    4 years ago

    Flip it all on and get a voltmeter. Be certain vigor is reaching the amp. Whether it is, then examine fuses once more to affirm. Use the voltmeter to examine continuity of the fuses. If power isn't achieving your amp, confirm where you're recieving energy from, and assess your fuses beneath your sprint.

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