My friend is 12 and says she's gonna have sex..?

Im 13 and and friend is 12.We were sitting at the lunch table at school today having our normal conversations then all of a sudden she just brought up sex. She said "So Im gonna loose my virginity this summer". I was like "Wow you're 12,what makes you think your ready for something so big?". Then she said "Yolo.".Yeah,that really made me want to shot my self multiple times in the head. I said "Yolo isnt funny and isnt the asnwer to anything you are way to young for this and you seem like your trying to grow up waaayyy too fast." Then she got upset for being mad at her,I dont think shes mature or old enough to be making a decision like this.I think that you should at LEAST be 16 to lose your virginity.What really worries me tho is that she is dating a 16 year old (almost 17 yr old) and I dont want her to become a slut and start having sex with guys that are way older then her. I told her that having sex at this age is slutty and she got mad and said that its only slutty if you have sex multiple times.She really worries me. We've been friends for almost 3 years now and shes changing way too quickly. But what my question is what can i say to change her mind? She's really stubborn too. Im afraid that if she starts having sex now then she will be doing it constantly growing up. I want her to stop acting like this. Please help!! Thanks for reading.

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  • 7 years ago
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    Its only slutty customers she's a girl but you gotta let her learn the hard way. Yes I agree she's way too you let her know what comes with having sex at a young age. I don't mind kids dry humping and trying things out as long as they don't have intercourse. I have friends younger than me and either pregnant or had miscarages and im young myself... my sister has had sex before me... and that's a damn shame she needs ..your friend I mean...needs to focus on school she might not even enjoy sex now because she's so young and underdeveloped and it might hurt everytime because she so small why can't she save herself for marriage or something or atleast until she old enough your right 15 is the appropriate age to do anything sexual and the fact that shes only 12 makes it worse.but you can keep trying to save her life before she's pregnant at 15 she might even end up blaming the fact that she's pregnant on you. Don't you want to end up pregnant when your 20? Nope. Your still too young. I know its not up for you to decide if she should have sex when she's 12. she still a kid she needs to learn how to grow up to be a responsible adult , which is when she's could be actually having sex. but that's okay you cant stop her.let her do what she needs to do let her learn from her mistakes in the future

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    Well, if you as a friend can't change her mind, then I doubt much will. As they say, love blinds. In cases as such I find it's best to let people make their own mistakes in the hope they learn from it. As harsh as it may seem, in the end it's still her choice.

    Though I am curious what kind of a nut-job she is dating that would have sex with a 12 year old.

  • 7 years ago

    one of my friends who are 14 is/had sex. now shes enjoying a pregnancy scare. protection broke 1 she she does convince her to get on the pill so, she is less likely to have a baby 2 get her to use multiple protections(the pill. condoms, etc) 3 tell her don't do it

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    dude, its actually very normal, i had my first sex wen i was 6! ur really behind in puberty its ok shes developing very normal not to worry my friend

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