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Why state things that may or may not be facts like they're definitely facts?

What I mean here is, if you were to (and this is just an example, don't take it literally) ask someone if mermaids exist, they would say no and then go on about how stupid you are for not knowing that. And yet, most of the ocean has gone unexplored, and there is no proof they do not exist. Yet, most would act as if someone were worthy of your unconditional disdain if they didn't share your belief that the mermaid does not, in fact, exist.

Why do people feel it necessary to act as if they're superior because they "know" something that we do not know as fact?

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    Using your example to answer, it is because there is not enough proof to entertain the possibility that what we call "mermaid" exist. They may not be "facts", but they are really small possibilities, and the smaller the possibility, the more likely there are that they will be "facts", even if not completely proven. Besides, don't forget that the burden of proof lies with the one stating the fact to be true (mermaids exist), not the one stating the opposite (mermaids do not exist). You cannot prove something (anything, not even a god) does not exist. But if you claim something exists (mermaids or god), you have to be able to back up that with proof.

    Following the argument with mermaids, it is highly improbable (mind you, I did not say impossible) that somebody with human figure would exist in the oceans without a big layer of fat to protect it from the cold (like whales and dolphins). If it has breasts, it is a mammal, so it needs to have warm blood - fish do not need to worry about body temperature because they are not mammals. However, a mermaid has scales. So what is it, mammal or fish? It cannot be both.

    Mermaids have hair - however, marine mammals do not, because hair is useless in water.

    Mermaids are not anatomically correct for swimming. Look at marine mammals: they do not have noses, shoulders, hips, arms or anything that would prevent them from swimming fast (including exposed genitalia - they have it occult in skin folds). Evolution make them that way to be able to scape predators and to hunt more efficiently. So, mermaids would be slow swimmers and poor hunters.

    If they exist, please show me some remains that have DNA that is not human.

    These are only some of the "facts" that are true for other species. Common sense says they should apply to mermaids too. And if they do, they are enough to prove mermaids are not likely to exist -it does not prove they don't exist, only that it is highly improbable.

    Fun fact: Despite all my arguments, I like mermaids, and I am the owner of a swimmable mermaid tail. I think they are fun characters, and I like to play I am one. I just do not think for a moment they are real.

    If they act "superior" I think it would be because they are amused of the other person talking seriously about something that it would be considered "childish talk", and just dismiss this person as not serious or just plain nuts.

    If someone (not a kid) comes to me in all seriosness and asks if Santa Claus exists, I would probably just laugh out loud in his/her face. And if he/she said Santa has never been proven to not exist, I would have to answer it also has never been proven that he exists. Does Santa exist? Maybe, maybe not. But it is a really REALLY small possibility.

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    Because they don't accept your argument that what they "know" is not actually factual but mere supposition unsupported by proper evidence. Most of us go with the majority opinion. If the majority believe the moon is made from cream cheese they must be correct - right? Because they're the majority. Surely so many people couldn't all be completely wrong.....

    Personally I find it timewasting to get into unecessary arguments with people just to prove that I am right and they are wrong.

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    Because they are arrogant ******** and think that everything that comes out of their mouths is gold. They're the same kind of people that argue that God does not exist because he can't be proven.

    But they are entitled to their opinion and the only person's opinion that should matter to you is your own. Stay strong and believe in your convictions. Get past all the haters..

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