Was this woman flirting with me?

Note - I have a wife whom I love and three children.

At work we had an inspector come in for some reason. She was wearing a skirt and said hello to me, seemed friendly, very very pretty. Nice body, legs, face. She was wearing a somewhat loose fitting top so I couldn't tell how large her bust was. She had to check the fire detectors in each room, and in my office. She pulled over a step stool and climbed up, and I could see up her skirt.

When she climbed down I said she is very pretty and asked how long she's in town for, just being friendly. She said she's flying out tomorrow unless she finds a reason to stay. I said maybe I'll convince her and smiled, and she smiled back and said ok we'll see. I looked her up on facebook and twitter, flickr, instagram, and pintrest. Seems cool. I saw her later and told her I sent her friend requests, and she was surprised I remembered her name. Just a few minutes ago she dropped most of her papers on the floor and bent over with her butt right in my direction.

I'm not sure if she was flirting with me, I think yes because I cant get her out of my head, so I need to know if I should tell this to my wife.

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  • 7 years ago
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    yooo mannnnn if i was your wife, i would get so fricken furious. i mean i would be like ok cause you actually consulted with me about this girl, but what really can she do to solve your problem? I think that inspector of yours is flirting with you too. be careful buddy such a dirty girl is wearing a fricken short skirt so she could flirt with people. so i m guessing youre not the only one to like be flirted with. im just saying get her fricken OUT of your head gosh she might look pretty but she probably slept with a looot of guys so stay off. you shoudnt actually tell your wife because it gets her into worrying about that girl flirting with you at work. so what you should DO right now is focusing on your work, kids, and wife. get her outta the way. WARNING!!!!

  • ict39
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    7 years ago

    Don't tell you're wife, she'll without a doubt take it the wrong way. Seems a little suspicious that a woman would wear a skirt to a job when she knows she's going to be climbing a step ladder in front of people. Some things are best left alone.

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