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Had unprotected sex with my boyfriend.?

It was the first time we have ever had sex without a condom in the year we've been together. We both just wanted to know what it would be like, so it was just a quick in-and-out thing. Couldn't have been longer than 2 mins.

He says I shouldn't be worried about being pregnant, but my cycle is coming up on ovulation these next few days. So I bought plan B, and I really have no idea if I should take it or not. The side effects could really mess up my cycle and make me ill. Should I take my boyfriends word for it?

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    No, you shouldn't take his word for it. He may well have pulled out before he came... you probably could tell if he hadn't, as semen tends to be messy. But even so, pre-ejaculate can and does contain active little spermies, and if you are right you are approaching the danger zone for getting pregnant.

    Yes, Plan B can make you ill. But it's not guaranteed, if it messes up your cycle it's only for about a month, and honestly getting knocked up will make you both more ill and unpredictable in your periods than it ever will.

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    Well frankly just to see what it was like is an awful excuse. And what kind of an irresponsible twit is he? If you wanted to see what it was like then you should've used other contraception if you didn't want to get pregnant. But if you've been kanoodling unsafely like that in the past then your fault and you could get an STD. My girlfriend and I were virgins before we met and she's on the Pill now. Why didn't you just go to the doctor and ask for the Pill or injection or whatever. Foolish foolish foolish! Especially near your cycle. I hope you're not pregnant, I'd feel so sorry for that child. Both of you need to get some responsibility.

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    if you think there is any chance you may be pregnant i would say go ahead and take it, its better to not be pregnant and mess your period up a little than be pregnant

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