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Shellac Fish-head gift from dad?

**Received 3 fish heads as a birthday gift from my father... am looking for an answer as to how to tell him that I do not want anymore in the future without hurting his feelings**

For my birthday my father sent me 3 fish heads in a box with some shirts. They smell really bad even though they were coated in shellac as a cheap attempt at taxidermy. He thinks this gift was full of win, while I on the other hand think this gift was pure fail. I don't want to hurt his feelings as I understand it was a gift from the heart, but with this gift he sent me a letter saying that he was planning on sending more in the future and I am really concerned and do not want him to do that. I have the 3 fish-heads in a ziploc and I have them safely hidden in a storage room because I didnt have the heart to throw them away because I knew how much it meant to him. My question is how to I tell him I do not want to receive any more of these fish-heads in the future without hurting his feelings or demeaning his birthday gift to me? I do not want to him to send me anymore so please let me know a NICE way to tell him that I don't want more. Please help

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    Tell him that u associate them with some bad memory. He might get the cue

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    say thank you but let him know you do not want him going through the trouble of making and shipping them again

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