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First time flying, what should I know?

I am 28 years old; I will be taking my first independent trip to Chicago on May 17th. I usually drive or ride everywhere. This is my first time flying; it's a 2 hour plane ride. I am scared out of my mind. My question is what do I need to know, bringing, ect? Is there a baggage fee? I am thankful for any advice you want to give.

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    Travelling is a piece of cake. So first, 24 hours before your flight, confirm your flight with the airline. On the day of departure, go at least 2 hours before the scheduled departure. Since it is your first time, go at least 3 hours before. Once you get to the airport, go directly to check in. Make sure that you go to the right terminal when entering the airport, or you will have to travel with your bags through the airport, which is a pain. You will have to wait for about an hour in line for check in.

    Check in Procedure:

    You give them your itinerary, which should have your ticket number in it. They will ask for a government issued ID. Make sure you bring your passport. Anyways, after you give them your passport, they will check it and give it back to you with your boarding pass. Also during this process, they will check in your bags that you want to check in. Make sure you fall within the limits of their luggage weight and sizes. They will tag your hand luggage and carry ons. After this, you go through security.

    Procedures for Security:

    Whatever you do, do not panic or freak out during security. Don't be stupid and act like you have some kind of weapon. TSA does not take this as a joke, and will strip search you if they have to. Whatever the TSA officers say, you do it. they are in charge of the security part of the airport. If they say that you take your laptop out, you take it out. Do not hesitate to something, because whatever they tell you to do, is their job, at keeping the United States safe. You will have to remove your shoes, keys, cellphone, wallet, etc from your pockets. Also, you will have to take your laptop out if you are carrying one. Put them in bins, and let them go through security. Usually, laptops have to go in a separate bin. After this, let your carry on and hand luggage go in. You will then go into a metal detector, and a TSA agent will search you. You will then pass security and you will be able to get your things. Have your passport and boarding pass out, as they will check that you are passing security to go into a plane, not just to "hang out." Next is to go to your gate, and board the plane.

    Procedures to go to your correct gate:

    Now you are finished with the biggest hassle of being in an airport. Now all you do is go to your correct gate. On your boarding pass, there will be a gate number and a letter usually. All you have to do is follow the signs and go to the correct gate. If you are confused, then ask a TSA officer around. They will not hesitate to help you, as that is their job. But you will most likely not have to do that, since the boards clearly tell you where to go. After this, all you have to do is board the plane. If you have some excess time left, you can look around, but make sure you are there for boarding. Usually, a plane starts boarding 30 to 45 minutes before departure. Put your alarm clock on to ring at that time, so that you have no way to miss your flight.

    If you have a transfer from a place, then all you have to do is go to the next gate, which the pilot will say at the end of the current flight. They will announce where you have to go. Then, you just wait to board the next plane.

    Once you get to your final destination, then all you have to do is go to the baggage claim carousel, and look for your bag. Take your bag, and leave the airport at the correct terminal, where your ride will pick you up from. Again, if your lost where to go, a TSA agent will be happy to help you. If you have any valuables, you might need to declare them at Customs. What I usually do is just write that I have no valuables and that there is nothing worthy in my bags. They don't check your bags through to see if you have valuables. If you do, they might charge custom fees, to bring it into the country.

    Now here are some tips:

    - Never act like you don't know what your doing.

    - Always stay alert as people are crazy in these South American countries.

    - Never talk to a stranger. If you need help, talk to a TSA agent/officer.

    - Do not ever take your passport out in public. Only take it out, when it is necessary, by a TSA agent that needs to check it.

    - Do NOT I repeat DO NOT lose your passport, because you will not be allowed in the country after.

    - You should keep your passport and VISA with you at all times. Never put it in your bags, cause bags can get lost, but you can't. I usually buy an ID holder, and put it around my neck. Even if you go to the bathroom, take your passport with you.

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    Baggage fees and th like will depend on your airline. Check out their site. Bring a passport. Good luck and safe trip!

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    Go into your airlines website, many times there is a faq's section or even 'tips for travellers'. The most important thing to remember is to bring photo ID with you to the airport.

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    take a pair of earplugs with would instantly help you to release the pressure during the flight:)

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