Should I move out? need advice?

Im a 22 year old female that recently, I really want to move out because my mother is driving me crazy to the point that were always arguing.

It all started because I've been going out more with my friends and meeting my boyfriend more. I'm not doing anything wrong but just living my life and shes getting annoyed by this because shes a bitter old woman who complained and argued with my older brother when he did the same thing and then he moved out.

I'm at the point that I dont talk to her and avoid her anytime shes home so I'm wondering if anyone else has similar problems with their parents. I just want my freedom and not feel guilty having fun or living my life so any advice on wether to move out I realy appreciate it.

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  • Yamini
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    7 years ago
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    Please don't move. It is not my advice. I am telling the life. A mother caring the life of her daughter is natural. So, your mother is doing her job exactly what a mother should do. Girls should be like a deer in the forest. Your mother is safe guarding you and wish to give a bright future. If a girl gets a bad name, her life will be in trouble in future. Hence your mother is doing some restrictions upon you. It is not for her. It is for you. It is your decision to accept my answer or reject.

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