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How do I deal with my overly-competitive friend?

Well, I have a female friend who is an overall good person, but has several bad qualities that drive me crazy. The worst is the fact that she feels like she needs to be the best, and that she is always trying to be the best at absolutely everything. This includes grades, projects, having lots of friends, and being beuatiful. It's not just how I perceive her, though. This nearly wrecked our friendship, we had a talk about it, and she admitted that she was obsessed with being the best. I am not a very competitive person, but I am proud of my accomplsihments. When I'm around her, however, I feel like I'm not good enough, and yes, I've even felt jealous at times. I try to be kind to her, but her arrogance and over-achiever attitude disgust me. I feel horrible because I feel like I'm the only one who notices she is this way, and other people treat her like she's the nicest person in the world. They tell me I'm stupid for seeing her this way...

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Yeah... such people wouldn't want to lose at anything. Not even games.

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