How long does it take to over come a weed addiction?

My father has smoked it for 20 odd years (give or take) and he's currently trying to quit. He's gone a week without so far but his moods are temperamental and arguments are unavoidable. How long will it take before the withdrawal symptoms stop? Or does it vary from person to person etc

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  • 7 years ago
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    there are no 'withdrawal symptoms', its all in his head. He's just being a baby because he misses it. The only main physical reaction to quitting weed is having trouble sleeping. That could also be the reason why he's grumpy. Nothing u can do but ignore his moods. He simply needs to give it time to get over it.

    I smoked weed for about 13 years. I quit 3 times. Each time i had trouble sleeping. But it was only the first two times i quit that i was moody; simply because i didnt really want to quit. Third (and last) time i quit was easy as because i was well and truly sick of it..

    Just give him time, maybe try and think of things u can do together to keep him occupied. Especially getting out of the house..

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