What is EFY? What does it involve?

My girlfriend is a Mormon and she has been away at a Mormon summer camp called EFY (Especially For Youth). She said that she really enjoyed it and that she wants to go again next year but next year she wants me to go with her. I have been thinking of becoming Mormon for a while now but am not too sure. She says this may help me to understand LDS beliefs better in an enjoyable way. I've been to church with her and her family a few times and I've also visited the YM (Young Men's) on a wednesday night so that I may befriend her friends and get to know other LDS a bit better.I enjoy it and I find the Mormons very pleasant people. Back to the point, I have said I will think about going to EFY with her next year but when I ask what sort of things they do there she doesn't really explain it very well. She just says "Fun stuff" "Activities" "Exciting educational things". Stuff like that. So from somebody who has been to EFY. What sort of "Things" would a 16 year old do there. What sort of activities are done. Will Non-Mormons be seperate from Mormons or is everyone together. Soebody shed some light on the whole thing for me please? Only people who have attended before though.

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    You would be very lucky to get to go! I've never been, and now it's too late for me to go since I'm already 18 and not signed up for this year. Everyone who I have heard who has gone never regretted it and some even say it was the best week of their life.

    It's a week long set of activities such as dances, game nights, spiritual thoughts, scripture study, and many other things. You can read more about it here:


    http://ce.byu.edu/yp/efy/know.cfm (click on "what to expect at EFY" and you will get more specifics of activities mentioned from the other link)

    And from what I have heard, everyone is together, so non-members will not be seperate. The only separation they have is according to age. I believe 16-18 year olds will be together, while 14-15 year olds will be seperate from them

    Source(s): I've never been to EFY, but I've heard from other people who have
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    You have a very good idea of it. It is like Bible camp for Mormons. You are more than welcome to go and no you will not be excluded from any activity or excluded in any way. As far as what activities you will do, well that will vary by which one you go to. So it is hard to be very specific. There will be devotionals where people speak. There will most likely be some type of service activity and some team building games. You will have lots of fun. Also you should know that there may be a lot of terminology that you haven't heard of before like devotional, EFY, first vision, Aaronic priesthood, etc. So when you go and you hear something you don't understand, just ask your friend what that is. I would go. I know you will have a really fun time. I haven't ever spoken to someone who didn't like EFY.

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    EFY ummm take something fun to do, like an Ipod or something, you'll have fun though.

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    Efy Mormon

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    EFY(Especially for Youth) its basically a week long youth focusing on fellowship and teaching the principles of "the church of Jesus.

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    I find those giving away cheap carnations chanting "Hare Krishna" over and over rather pleasant as well. Don't you?

    And? Your point is?

    What do you think all those "fun" activities are designed for? To bore kids--mormon or non-mormon? No. They are specifically designed to keep their attention on "fun", and not on GOD. God is not "fun". God is GOD--Almighty, Powerful, Eternal, Amazingly Awesome, Majestic... HOLY. So much more than mere fun.

    Oh, I attended them. They sickened me with their forcing attention onto the minor things of this world, and honey.... it's all minor.

    Source(s): EX-mormon.
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