Is it right to cry when breaking up with someone?

I broke up with my boyfriend of two years today and as I was doing so I was litterally sobbing, is this right or what? I still feel sick to my stomache and cant concentrate etc (i know its only been a day). We basically had a perfect relationship and I still say hes one of the nicest people Ive met and just left him as I think my romatic feeling were going/had stopped. Im so confused please help


Thought id add that I never normally cry, like ever even at my Grandma pass away and it wasnt like just tear I couldnt actually talk for crying. I cant help but think ive made the wrong descision?

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    People not only experience grief when a loved one dies but people will also experience grief for other loses.

    I don't think your emotional reaction to your loss is inappropriate. How ever you respond to a loss is how you respond.

  • 7 years ago

    It's normal to cry during a break-up.

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