My moms not excepting that im bi?

Last night I told my mom I was bisexual & she didnt like it. Today she called up my coaches & took me off the wrestling & baseball team. She took out my tv from my room & anything that uses wifi (except my phone) every friday & weekend she has the pastor, his wife & church friends over & I know shes gonna talk about me & make me come talk to them. my mom was never as strict or mean when she thought I only liked girls. I hate being around her & seeing her when I pass by. My moms going on a mothers day trip on sunday til Monday Night so ill be by myself with my older sister (i think my sister knows already but I havent told her yet) but I still hate being in the house as her she makes me feel bad about everything & I start to get depressed and I have major anxiety who can i talk to Ive talk to the suicide hotline Lady but I still feel bad about telling her &being bi

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  • 7 years ago
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    Don't ever feel bad or think about suicide, your mom has to accept it. She is acting this way to get you to stop being bi-sexual, don't let her affect you, be strong. I'm sorry you're hurting, by the way if you don't mind my asking but how old are you, if you are old enough then just move out or talk to her about it and show her your feelings, she's your mom and you are you with your own life and decisions, she has her own and she should know that she can't control your love-life, love comes in any form and bi-sexual is one of them, be proud of your love, it's the same as any other love. About the suicide thing, you were given a life because you were strong enough to live it, ok? :) Don't feel bad, you just have a love that is different then your mother to her husband, you have feelings for someone regardless of their gender, that is a great type of love, you love people for what is on the inside not much for the gender or the outside, right? Think about it, there are 7 billion people in the world, there are tons of bi-sexuals out there too who may be facing the same problem, you have to overcome this fear, other people have overcome this and you can be just like this. You're mom may have some power over you but if there is one thing she can't do it's that she can't make you straight, you are bi-sexual and have one of the greatest types of love I know of in my opinion, she has power but you have your own power too, (don't be too rebellious though) you have to show her that she can't take this side of you away and she will just have to deal with it. I know you are STRONG, you need to know you have this strength and use it for the good. Don't let anyone tower over you or bully you. Talk to other people who share the same ideas or are going through the same problems as you, do NOT commit suicide, and if you need to, talk to me. I am not a bi-sexual but I have not really fallen in love yet or know much about my exact feelings yet but I will be here for you even if I don't know you exactly but I do know you are facing some trouble, you WILL get through it one step at a time, you will HAVE support and you WILL get through this. I faced many years of sadness and loneliness, it hurt a bit but I got through it and even if I was sad for a different reason I had pain but I overcame it and you CAN too. If your mom doesn't accept it, so be it, don't give in keep standing and walking forward! :) I'll be here for you, to support you and so will others. You are STRONG, you have your OWN life and decisions, live it and learn it, you need to fight back but not physically (don't get too rebellious), be a hope for others! You CAN do it.

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