There is this guy in my class and I think he likes me. He alway gets my attention in some why if its like yelling across the room to his friend and when he sees me look at him he says never mind or hit the people Infront of him stuff like that . Anyway when he gets my attention he looks at me straight in my eyes and smiles then he looks away he dosnt really talk to me . He has once of twice one time it was to ask if we were doing a paper and it said it on the board then anthor time is to ask what we doing that day. Anyways he has been in my class before but then he moved and came back he didn't really do it before he move (he was gone like 3weeks and came back) but he did do it some times but now he dose it like every day sometimes if we have partners I can see him stare at me but he dosnt ask me to be parters so I go with someone else a couple time we sat in a circle in class and he would always sit directly across from me and it felt like he was staring at me the whole time any way I'm to shy to tAlk to him and I get nervous when I talk to new people he also try's to act funny right Infront of me and during lunch he stares at me when I get up to through my trash away and he got a new spot at lunch and he sit directly behind me at lunch just 2tables over dose he like me give me advice what should I do !!!!!

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    7 years ago
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    well he could either be a stalker, or he really likes you and he might just be shy about talking to new people. i would suggest that you pass him in the hall more often. when you are walking brush by him. try and make it look like you brushed by him on accident. then if he looks back and smiles then smile back and that could be enough to break the ice between you.

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