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Just curious about my cats sudden sensitivity?

My cat is very heavily pregnant (was already pregnant when I took her in and will be spayed as soon as she finishes nursing). She is due anytime now and this sensitivity only started today but she's suddenly become very sensitive to sound, what I mean is all of a sudden its like she's. Constantly listeng out for things, she's not scared in any way but like just my neigbours ran up their stairs and we could hear the dull thud so my cat sat bolt upright and was totally absorbed in the noise for about 5 mins, is it because she's pregnant that her sensitivity seems to of gone into overload?

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    Don't worry, that's exactly it! Your cat is just being a mother with her natural instincts; listening out for noises because she's worried. She's about to give birth to amazing new lives so she'll be unsettled, just give her some comfort now and then but remember not to totally fuss over!

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