This girl has a crush on my boyfriend?

So my boyfriend told me before he went to work that last night he found out a girl at his job has a crush on him, and he said someone told him that she does. That she's a few months older than us. And said he gives her advice about guys and stuff. He said he thinks she has a crush on him because he "gives her advice about guys and because I'm a nice guy" Now I'm not worried about my boyfriend doing anything with her. I'm just worried that she will get the wrong idea about his intentions. Because he did tell the person who told him that this girl has a crush on him, that he has a gf and that "I have Amy" (me). He also told me that the girl knows he has a gf and that she behaves (he must mean she's not flirty or anything) but I did tell him that it was okay that he talks to her and gives her advice.. but that he still should be careful because even if she knows he has a girlfriend, that she might get the idea that him being nice really means something else. I actually found it cute that she has a crush on him and I can't blame her for having one. He only told me about it because I tell him about all the old guys who hit on me at my job (lol).


If it makes you feel better he replied to my text with "True so if anything happens ill set her straight baby cuz ur my one and only."

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  • 8 years ago

    I don't understand what is the question you are asking o_O but you should trust your boyfriend but tell him to just give it a minute before he give her any more advice because females do have this urge to like other people men and try to take him away just because they are single. So just tell your boyfriend that and then see what happens because she probably think that he interested in her... Hopefully I helped

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  • 8 years ago

    Sounds like you two are very open about it. I don't see a problem here. Props for not panicking!

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