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Why are there evil/bad people in the world?

Everyday there is a crime or bullying going on. Why is there evil/bad people and how did they become evil/bad? I give up on this world, to be honest.

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    To balance it up. Like if there is ying, there must be yang. If there is good, there must be bad. Right or left. Up or down. Heaven or hell. Even in movies, there must be the good guys and always there are trouble makers to be the bad guys. So there is a story line. So, the world is balanced out *

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    of course every since the world began.

    there is still a lot of love and caring in the world.

    peoplea re evil because of the inherited sin from adam and eve passed on to us.

    the choice is yours; and you do not have to be evil and hate- just understanding, love, and carijng.

    people are evil because:

    they are distrubed

    they lack love and discipline

    they are raised or cultured that way from bad experiences from their family life and friends.

    they feel good about hurting others

    'they do not know about God and peace.

    they are governmental or belonmg to a group

    they cannot pull themselves out of the rut or is afraid of being judged as weak by others.

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    The world we live in is corrupted. There's nothing that will stop people from doing evil things.

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    8 years ago

    It's god's fault.

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