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How can I become a better friend to girls?

i'm a guy and almost 18 years old, still no license or permit. next year IM going to be going to college, and I am really terrible socially. even with guy friends, I run out of things to say all the time. I never was friends with any girls, I just never was confident enough to talk to girls. recently I've been able to trying to talk to girls about class work at school but never talked about anything else, and the conversation would end really awkwardly. I watch basketball, and play videogames and make hiphop beats. I dont care about making girlfriends as of now, I only want to have friends, especially girls, also for example in a conversation to a guy I would say last nights basketball lakers game was great did you see it, then I would say did you see a certain part of the game and then after they reply, I end up in one of those awkward silent moments. I also don't know how to ask a girl for her number. and how do guys talk to girls who are only friends, and how often do they text, and what do they text. please be in depth. also how do I ask a girl to take a picture with you as friends, and how do I ask guys to take a picture with you, also please help me with every single question here, and Karma will help you and i'll help if you have any questions, thank you soo much in advance.

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    Just try and be yourself around girls. If you see a girl or a group of girls near you and they don't look like they are having a private conversation go over and introduce yourself. Eventually you will find a group of girls or a couple of girls that will accept you as a friend. Don't be over the top when you talk to them the first couple of times, just be relaxed and cool. When you gain friendship casually ask for their numbers, but only once you get to know them. Text them when you need to ask them something but don't text or call them too often because you will seem clingy. Basically just be yourself and try to talk to lots of people who seem nice. The more people you talk to the more friends you will gain. Try not to be shy or clingy. Good Luck

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    wow it somewhat is strictly what occurred to me so i'm only going to objective answer this as appropriate as i will. What i did became that i message her one facebook like say hi i circulate to her performs and activities that she is in. i attempt to place myself in subject the place i could have a raffle to talk to her one on one, inspite of the undeniable fact that it occurs not often because of the fact that she is putting out together with her acquaintances all of the time. at times I only choose to stroll authentic as much as her and pull her removed from all and sundry and tell her how i've got faith, yet maximum women do in contrast to a severe communicate or be uncomfortable it somewhat is the worst element to do whilst confessing. So being acquaintances is the appropriate thank you to circulate. inspite of the undeniable fact that at times I only stay my existence and if i take place to work out her i attempt to construct up braveness and consult together with her inspite of the undeniable fact that there have been thrice have been i had a suitable possibility to talk to her on my own and that i did no longer take it and that i felt like great retarded and hated myself for a whilst. extraordinarily the third time and it became the tip of school to so whether i tousled i does no longer ought to work out her for a whilst.

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