Bird Blue dresses, cant find any need one for wedding in july help?

Okay apparently i was a week too late to order this dress... I didnt think it took over two months to make a dress a certant color at davids bridal. the dress can be any style it just has to be the color "bird blue" and for some reason i am having the hardest time finding dresses in that color online, and i keep geting pictures of birds lol! can someone help me? Im attaching a picture of the color its supposed to be just in case. I dont want to spend over 150 dollars on a dress either.

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  • 7 years ago
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    First, I think you have the color wrong. It's Bluebird. But what's weird is if you go to their main website, they list all their colors and there's nothing with blue or bird in it. So I'm wondering if it's even available new.

    The right color did pop up at amazon in a size 22. But there may be others. You might want to look through their bridesmaid section.

    The other option is call the main number of David's Bridal. They definitely had this shade, it's just not showing anywhere right now, which could be the problem. 877-859-2743

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