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Is my cutting bad? I have 46 scars.......?

My niece says my cutting is bad I counted and I have 46 scars so I was wondering what do u think is it bad?

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    Any cutting is bad... It starts of so small, but after a while you lose control. Get help before it's too late. If I can go back in time to when I had 46 cuts I would, and tell myself to stop right there. But I can't go back, but you can. Your in that position where it's early. Get help, please. It's for the best

    Source(s): A few thousand too many scars... Good luck, and it will get better, I promise <3
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    yes! honestly, u should try to stop cutting. my friend used to cut, so i know how you feel. My friend is trying to get over it. if something very stressful is going on in your life, talk to psychologist or just a good friend to express your self. or, replace it with a different habit. ex. whenever my friend starts to reach for her razor, she instead pops some gum into her mouth. chewing gum can relieve a lot of stress, and the flavor distracts you from the thought of cutting. or you can do something different to express yourself. you can paint, draw, or do other arts and crafts. some people instead go for a walk, jog, run, horseback ride, scooter, or skate. hope this helped.

  • Sienna
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    8 years ago

    Uhhhhhh, yeah!!!!!

    I know why you do it cuz i cut too but you had to have known what answers you were gonna get before you put this up....

  • 8 years ago

    YES! All cutting is bad! Please stop! Whatever is going on in your life just think of the brighter side of life!

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