Child's dad's gf has no idea he has ANOTHER baby?

Okay, I had a baby back in September 2011, so the child is now eighteen months old. I never told the child's father that there was a possibility of him being her father.

I was with a guy named Matt from September 2009-September 2010. When Matt and I broke up, I got back with my ex, Tommy, who is my child's biological father. I got back with Matt in January and in February I found out I was pregnant. The doctor's assured me I got pregnant in January, and since I was with Matt at that point, Matt is who I believed to have been the father. April 4, I found out that I was wrong, as well as the doctors, and my daughter is actually Tommy's.

I immediately told everyone the truth and on April 4, I told Tommy that he is my child's father. Since we were together, Tommy has been with a girl for almost two years and they have a one year old.

I have asked Tommy to tell his girlfriend, because I think it is only right and he says he cant because she will never let him see his other daughter. I honestly think he is just making excuses.

He also doesn't want me to take him to court and he begs me not to.

He has never seen our child either. In person, that is.

I know technically it is not my place to tell, but I am thinking about my daughter. He keeps beating around the bush and will not tell her, and until she knows, he will never come around.

Opinions, please?

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago
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    Wow youre trifling.

    Poor kid and poor MEN

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