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How much would it cost me to go to paris?

NJ week

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    Flight from the USA : the price of the ticket depends on different facts like how long in advance you buy it and if you're travelling during the school holidays when prices are higher.

    Count around $1,300 return. Check

    Passport fees : 1 adult $135

    Hotel : a double room at a 2 stars hotel from around $130 plus breakfast, from $13 per person. Always verify the address of the hotel before booking, it's not because the hotel is called Paris something that's inside Paris. Most hotels only have double rooms. Breakfast, in France, it's usually not included, it's considered as an extra.

    Hostel : from $33 in a dormitory. Breakfast is usually included and there's often a kitchen at your disposal.

    Avoid staying near the train stations Gare du Nord and Gare de l'Est and around Pigalle, Barbès and Porte de Clignancourt.

    Eating out : at a restaurant, from $26 per person, plus drinks, count $40 in total per person (service is always included). Fast food, a menu at Mc Donald's costs around $10.

    You'll find lunch formulas from $15 (12€) but if you add a little bottle of mineral water or a soda, it's + $5, a glass of wine costs from $6. A coffee, at a restaurant, around $2,60

    Public transport : a day travel card costs 6,60€ ($8,60)

    Museums and monuments, 1 ticket : between 8€ and 25€ ($10 to $33)

    You'll find the prices in detail at the website of the Tourist Office of Paris

    For 1 person, I'd say :

    - 1 passport : $135

    - flight : $1,300

    - suburban train, from CDG airport to central Paris, return : $24

    - 2 stars hotel, 1 week : $1,100

    - eating out : from $65 per day, 1 week : around $455

    - public transport, 1 week : $50

    - museums & monuments : $30 per day, per person

    Total : $3,094 (add souvenirs, shopping, extras like a river cruise, theatre .... )

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    bonjour .one ticket may cost 40$ because of the iffiel tower. or 2 tickets for maybe 70 dollars. or you can just buy passports and go.

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