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Can depersonalization las forever?

I've had depersonalization for two years, it occurred from anxiety attacks. I've gone this long without medication. I feel like I can't deal with this much longer, I don't know if you know what it feels like about to lose your mind 24/7 for two years straight, but it's overwhelming. I just need to know, is it possible this could last forever? It's grown so bad that I have incomplete thoughts, lack of focus and I sleep 16 hours a day. As a freshman I had a 31 act score and a 4.0 gpa and as a junior I make d's and f's and I can barley climb out of bed in the morning. I'd rather be paralyzed than have depersonalization. Can medication even help me?

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    I've had depersonalisation for 2 years aswell and it is debilitating and I agree that I would rather be physically ill than suffer like this. It's so hard because no one else can really understand how you feel unless they have been there. I am the other way round and my depersonalisation caused my anxiety and depression; I would like, too, to know if it will ever end because it makes me so suicidal and desperate. My doctor says give it time, however I don't feel I have time. We just have to carry on. Sometimes keeping busy helps me and relaxation because it takes your mind away for a while. If you want to chat anymore, message me x

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    First thing you need to do, Cowboy Kenny, is to get yourself to a doctor and have a complete physical.

    The body and the mind work together, so if one is out of sync, it automatically will have an effect on the other.

    If you get a clean bill on your physical health, then ask the doctor for a referral to a good mental health professional. If your insurance won't cover mental services, then look into local mental health agencies. Most towns and cities have some that will charge patients on a sliding scale--the less money you have, the less you have to pay. I know from personal experience that, when I was going through some really tough situations, I only paid five dollars per visit.

    What concerns me most, though, is the depersonalization. This is something that often occurs during times of excessive mental or emotional stress--you feel as if you're standing outside yourself, watching yourself almost as if you are a disinterested observer. I know a lot about it because I've not only experienced it, but a friend of mine many years ago (we were discussing this phenomenon) and she said she was surprised that it even had a name--she says she felt it all during her basic and AIT (Advanced Individual Training) when she served in the Air Force.

    Believe me, you've got a boatload of company.

    Get help, please--you deserve a lot better than what you're experiencing right now, and I've walked the proverbial mile in your shoes.

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    I also experience depersonalization anxiety. Life is God's dream and we are dreamers within His/Her dream. Earth is a test of whether we desire God's gifts or God's Love. Be patient, always talk to God. Work on clearing your mind, practice meditation small steps at a time. Read How To Talk With God by Paramahansa Yogananda. If you lack faith, also read Autobiography of a Yogi. Nothing lasts forever but the Light (The Lord).

    Dear Prince, what is light?

    Light is that force that expels darkness; it is the phenomenon that darkness brings about.

    'What is the brightest form of light?

    The darkest of the black holes, for it is the closest to the state of darkness in which light was created.

    Dear Prince, your wisdom is truly superb!

    Thank you, minister, it's thanks to your light that I'm able to see so clearly.

    In the darkness of the womb exist the atom of life and the light of Knowledge. It is this light of Knowledge that brought the light of Wisdom to the light of Understanding to the Freedom from the darkness in which life was.

    (breathe in Eternity, breathe out existence)

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    No! I thought it would last forever. For me if you're talking depression, I had that and a severe case of anxiety, both severe. I thought of suicide. I thought I would have to deal with depression and anxiety the rest of my life, only being 22. I felt like I couldnt breath. I felt heavy pressure in my face. Didnt want to get out the bed. I also become distant from everyone including family. This lasted a little over 2 years.

    I thought I was going to die. One morning I said,"im not going to let depression and anxiety take over my life"! So what I did, I got up out the bed and forced myself out the house. I forced myself to make conversations. I put myself back around my family. I also google ways to get rid of depression and anxiety, studied both subjects and got rid of both without medication. Im not saying dont take medicine in prescribe but when I was taking medicine it only made my symptoms worse.

    After a little over 2 years of being house bound and paronoid filled with anxiety and depression, I have the confidence and high self esteem back in myself I had before the anxiety and depression.

    Tip 1: know that the anxiety and depression is only in your mind.

    Tip 2: whatever is causing you anxiety, know that its a 99% chance that problem is'nt real.

    All it take is determination and drive. If you want to get rid of the anxiety and depression, you can get rid of it like I did!

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    Pot doesn't stay with you for that long, but it can trigger certain things in people who are susceptible to them. It sounds like your mind is indeed taking a break. Do you have any way to get out of whatever stressful situation you're in? A calm, supportive environment can do wonders for you!

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