Runescape skills help?

im getting 99 fletchin and what 99 should i get after im thinking of cooking but then i lose much money and firemaking and magic i have 99 any (sugesgions) <----- cant spell that

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  • thomas
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    7 years ago
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    First I'd suggest woodcutting. Then you'll have the logs to fletch & supply my next suggestion.


    In Morton you can repair the temple ( crafting xp ) & make pyre logs ( firemaking xp ). You can then head into the dungeon to kill shades ( combat xp ) & burn their remains on pyres ( Killer prayer & firemaking xp ). Each shade burned will either pay off in a decent amount of couns or a key to one of the dungeon chests. The chests can contain up to dragon items & elite clue scrolls making it very profitable.

    When it comes to training magic don't go the G.E. alkie route, You'll lose a fortune if you buy the stuff to alkie. Instead alkie the stuff you make from other skills. Use the Falador mine superheat, smith, alkie trip to camp out & train 3 skills at once or head into the chaos caverns & blitz necratals with lots of prayer urns. You'll end up profinting much more.

    Source(s): Lord Uathen
  • 7 years ago

    I'd go with either 99 Fishing or 99 Slayer. With either of these at 90+ you could do pop, not just that but if you bank what you fish you can make some good cash off all those levels - and as for slayer you'll most likely get another skill to 99 without even trying while levelling it up - there are good slayer drops to help you make some more cash and it can open other opportunities for you. --- Back to the PoP thing, head to Port Sarim and go to the big portal thing, you can get tetsu armour from it in time and it's fun to do too.

  • 7 years ago

    I would suggest a resource gathering skill. That way you can train and make money, although it might be slower. When I did mining, it was actually pretty fun and easy, then again I had juju potions but made about 10m. Either mining, hunter, fishing, or woodcutting. They also don't cost anything which is good :) Agility, if you don't mind clicking forever in circles and gain no profit. Dungeoneering is fast and easy, but gains no profit, same with runecrafting at runespan. Or you could do slayer, train combat as well as get somewhat good drops (that will add up over time).

  • 7 years ago

    hunter, u can make lots of money

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