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Have you ever been in true love?

True love - not just attracted to the person for looks or sexually but for their personality. you can accept both their good and bad side, loving them for who they really are, can understand them on very deep levels, ready to die for them.

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    I don't agree that true love means you have to be willing to die for them, at all. That's just some emo crap Hollywood dreamed up. Also, that bad side annoys the heck outta you, in real life, so lets just remove those rose-colored glasses, shall we. True love means finding someone, just as flawed as you are, who you can be with and not kill for a lifetime. Fortunately, I have such a person and despite the fact we piss eachother off, we are happily married for 5 years!

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    Ya I have. And am.

    There's those moments where if u see them get hurt wither physically or emotionally, your just hoping u had it instead or that u could take away all their pain. Where they are probably the reason behind the frown you have, but at the same moment they are the only person who can turn it upside down.

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    I feel so or it was close. It didnt end up working though. This person wasnt even that attractive... but we sure did have chemistry. Good times. (mostly bad though; hints it not working)

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    No, I get too emotionally numb when people start to get really close to me. Either that or I ll just blurt it all no but all of it's siblings yes

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