Forged signature on a vehicle title?

I bought a vehicle in New York with a rebuilt Alabama title. The guy I bought it from wasn't the person on the title it's self. So he made me sign the buyer part of the title and the actual name on the title was his wife or girlfriend I have no clue. He was actually going to sign her name but I stop him from that cause I was afraid that he would go back to Alabama after I paid him and then I wouldn't find him if I required more signatures to be able to register the vehicle. Now a day after I went to DMV to try to register the vehicle but remembered it had no seller signature so me being stupid i signed it and went to the DMV but before reaching the clerk It felt wrong and I left the building. So the sale was for a 20 year old Honda for $800 and I found out the process would cost me more then the car is worth to register it. So I got I touch with the guy and he came up with the idea of returning the car to him and I explained to him that I had signed the title myself and I apologized and I crossed of a few things on the title to void it and that he would require a new one and for the trouble I agreed to give him $300 to cancel the deal and for him to be able to get a new title. But I know what I did was wrong and now I'm kinda worried his going to change up the story on me even thought he was okay with the situation and actually received money from me for the trouble I caused him.... Please if some can lightened my day or at least what I looking at as far as legal issues or anything thank you.


Thank you for your response: And you are right I never do these kinda of things without being legal in every way but it was truly one of those instance where the deal seemed great but later turned into a nightmare. So it comes down to him having the vehicle and the title and my biggest fear is he lies to the owner of that title and then I have to fight with that person I never meet. Even though to begging with he was ok when I told him I had signed the title and expressed my apology of doing that.

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    At the very least this should teach you not to do stupid, idiotic things like this in the future. Consider the money it cost you as tuition in the School of Life.

    The problem you encountered here was that you were trying to buy a car from someone who had no right to sell it.

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  • 8 years ago

    I'm not clear where you are in this process. He did not have legal title to the car he was selling. So he was committing a crime. That means the sale was never legal and you should be able to get all your money back and shouldn't have to pay him anything. You should never buy a vehicle without the owner present. You should not have given him $300.

    As for the title with all the signatures on it, he can just report the title as lost (or the owner can) and get a replacement title for a couple of bucks.

    I'm betting it was a stolen car. He can't enforce the contract in court, since he didn't have the right to sign the title.

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  • 4 years ago


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