Japanese translating help?

How do you say:

What do you do at home?

What do you eat?

What will you do?

in Japanese, don't use google translate, it doesn't work.

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  • 7 years ago
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    The formal way of saying these is:

    1.)What do you do at home?

    "家で何をしますか?" (Ie de nani wo shimasu ka?)

    @Bat-Man300 " していますか." cannot be applied here, for, if you say "家で何をしていますか。", that would translate as "What are you doing at home?" when the asker here is asking for "What do you do at home?", a habitual action, not a progressive action.

    2.)What do you eat?

    "何を食べますか?" (Nani wo tabemasuka?)

    3.)What will you do?

    "何をしますか?" (Nani wo shimasuka?)

    @Bat-Man300 Again, "していますか." cannot be applied, " していますか." is the progressive form, when the asker is asking for a habitual action.

    The casual way of saying this:

    1.)What do you do at home?

    "家で何すんの?" (Ie de nani sunno?)

    2.)What do you eat?

    "何を食べるか?" (Nani wo taberu ka?) or simply "何を食べる?" (Nani wo taberu?).

    3.)What will you do?

    "どうする?" (Dou suru?).

    Hope I helped!

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  • 7 years ago

    Nani o ie de surun desu ka? <--- not too sure about that one^^

    Nani o taberu ka? < the food one

    Nani o surun desu ka? < the last one

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    2.食べる食べ物は何ですか or どんなは何を食べますか。or 何を食べますか。

    2。何をしていますか。 or 何をしているか。

    the first answerer is correct but I gave more options in terms of translations.

    I Just sent my Japanese instructor who is a good friend of mine this link. My answers stand correct and I answered the question correctly. Maybe you should learn How to read. As I said, I gave more options.

    It never ceases to amaze me how people try to be smart a*****.Next year I'll have 5 college degrees. Don't insult my intelligence. When you speak 5 languages, and own several busineses throughout California and Japan, then talk to me.

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