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Dying my hair red, need help!!?

My hair was dark brown, I went to sallys and bought ion red (6rv) and 30 developer. I done 2oz of color and 2oz of developer when I rinsed it out my hair m was still dark brown with a red tint. My Cosmo teacher told me too use more developer, use color remover, bleach it, and then dye it.. I want to go a really bright red but dont really wanna blach my hair..What should I do?

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    Color doesn't lift color. So if your hair is already colored a dark color then you have to bleach it. A shampoo bleach is less damaging than using a color stripper or straight bleach. Just mix bleach and 30-40 developer and then mix that with shampoo, put it in your hair wait till you see the color lighten and you're happy with it and then rinse. then color over with your red.

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    ignore these people! you need to go online and buy colourant for dark hair like loreal high color highlights or majicolour contrast. if you need some help look at tutorials on you youtube, just type in " dye dark hair red (no bleach)" and LOADS of stuff comes up

    Source(s): im also dyeing my hair red and have trouble finding products that will dye dark hair. im begining to use majicontrast in a few weeks
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    I tried to go from black to red. I eventually have up and began bleaching my hair and its now red but dead and feels like straw :/ I'm trying to not do anything with my hair let it grow out and whatever and putting treatment in it. I was really stupid to do that. I suggest you go to your hairdressers they'll help you out. I know I should of

    Source(s): My hair
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    i had this exact problem. to dye your hair a light color when your hair is dark, you WILL need to either dye it a light color like blonde, then red, or bleach it then dye it read, i recommend dying it blonde instead of bleaching it.

    it'll come out bright red depending on how bright the blonde is.

    it works!! i dyed my hair from black to blonde & now reddish orangish, it works perfect, try it! :)

    answer mine? ...

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    Go back to Sally's and get the L'Oreal HICOLOR its for people with naturally darker hair - use that with Orear developer

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    to get a bright red you must bleach your hair first, there's no other option

    Source(s): girl with red hair for years
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