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How to sneak around with your boyfriend?

Okay. I'm 16 and my boyfriend is 15. I have my lisences but he lives all the way up town and I really wanna hang out with him but my parents don't want me to see him bc the first time I ever snuck off to somewhere I said I wouldn't be I had sex and I got in trouble so I can't really just say "hey can I go to a friends!?" I have to literally tell them every detail.. Where I'm at who I'm with everybody I'm with literally EVER DETAIL!!! It's so annoying bc they think I sneak around an use my friends just to hang out with my boyfriend and I don't! If I say I'm gonna hang with my friend, Im with my friends. If I say I'm with my boyfriend I'm with him. That simple. So how can I sneak around like where do I say I'm going to make it believe able????

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    This is what they would do in the movies, it might actually work...

    Get a reliable friend, tell your parents you'll stay at hers and get that friend or friends brother/ sister (if they know that friends voice) to act as the parent (or relative if they know your friends parents voice) and agree you'll be staying over and hey presto your free for the weekend! :)

    I hope this works. If all fails, just sneek away for a day and deal with whatever happens when you get back. Good luck x

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    Go get pregnant. That will show them!

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