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Is she angry because I didn't say i forgave her?

So this girl whose had history with me told me to sty away from her or she'll beat the **** out of me? She said this after she thought I was trying to break her and her bf up, which I later proved I didn't. Via Facebook she told me 'I'm really sorry". It was all in thr heat of thr moment and I didn't reply , 3 days later she added the bass player of my band whom she was supposed to be part of, me lead vocals, him bass her drums... We met today in a music thing and she was really pissed off at me, didn't look at me didn't sy hi or goodbye,. Is it caus I didn't forgive her?

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    I would say this girl is on her period to be so stand off-ish with you. She started this, but as a guy I think you should just forgive her and clear the air so things don't get to tense.

    Maybe something else is happening with her in her personal life. Make sure your the one to make the first move or she'll keep this in her heart forever and never forget, girls are like that.

    Good luck x

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    Probably that's the reason.

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