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Was that extremely racist?

I live in India and today i was walking onthe road way to home from cybercafe and suddenly her heard someone spat behind me, i was in a hurry and i thought maybe he was chewing tobacco (a lot of people chew tobacco where i live) But i was constantly hearing some lousy loud sounds behind my back, they were speaking in a European language and maybe they were drunk but i had to hurry to home and when i was away one of the two shouted "Sexy Sexy" some three times and i got scared because everybody there were looking at me and i turn behind and saw two white men and i shouted "I'll complain to the police if i saw you next time" I feel so offended and insulted today.

I guess it was damn racist towards me.


@Francis so if i spat on you because i respect you loll.

@John I should kick you.

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    Boorish? Yes. Racist? I don't see it. Stop making everything about race...

    What makes you think they wouldn't act like that toward their local women?

    Also, some of our immigrants here in Europe treat European women far worse than that...

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    I don't necessarily believe this was racist, however, it was quite inappropriate. Nobody should have to be subject to any kind of harassment. If this were to happen again, I suggest you do go to the police. Even if they are foreigners/tourist, they have no right no humiliate somebody. Please take care while out alone. Always let someone know where you are at all times and always have an emergency plan. Stay safe!

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    So your Indian and you think two white guy were being racist? if so why would they called you sexy not some Indian slur or something maybe they thought you were pretty and they were drunk so they yelled it out regardless I fail to see where this is racist

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    Racist wasn't the first thought that came to mind...lewd, and vulgar perhaps, but not overtly racist. Still, I can understand your feeling threatened, but maybe they were just having an off day.

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  • sprite
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    If they were racist, they wouldn't be shouting 'sexy sexy'.

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    That was not racist that was a compliment

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