Is it over, or is she testing me?

So me and my girl of 7 years broke up between 3 and 4 months ago. We've had dates and even slept together up til about 2 months ago, when we got into, another big fight. Now she wont even kiss me. I cant tell if she's testing me, or really wants to be done. We have two kids together, a one and two year old. So i know she'll always be in my life regardless. But my problem is where i stand. Nether of us have slept with anyone else yet. For me it would feel like betrayal, even though we're not together. And i think she feels the same. Almost like she want me to sleep with someone else first, to break the last of the bond we have. She's turned down dates, and numbers from other guys. But wont kiss me. We sleep in the same bed sometimes, "because of the kids," and if i cuddle with her she lets me, but wont cuddle back. She ask me for back rubs, but talk crap if i say she looks nice. When I'm affectionate towards her, she treats me like **** and pushes me away, but when i ignore her she's, calling, and stopping by. We also sometimes hangout with the same group, which makes it tough and easy at the same time. She'll talk **** if I'm nice, but checks in on me playing pool with my friends if she's not getting attention. I know everyone's going to say stay away from that area where we meet up for awhile, and i get that. But my question is, is she testing me, "giving me enough rope to hang myself," or does she just feel sorry for me, and is waiting for me to move on before she does? I don't want her to use me until she finds another guy, and never calls again, but i don't want to self execute any chance i have at working things out with her and raising our kids together.

1 Answer

  • 7 years ago

    tell her. tell her that you want to be with her and you want to raise your kids together.

    you don't mention what it was that broke the relationship.

    but maybe the two kids changed the dynamics...? maybe she is tired?

    try and find out what it is she needs from you, if there is something you can work on both of you, go for it.

    for all you know maybe she wants to get married and you havent asked her yet!

    if she really does not love you anymore, then move on.

    but don't give up on your family so soon!

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