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Is (Josh) ever going to post anything in the NASCAR section that doesn't make him sound like a 12-year-old?

OR a crackhead????

It's either their man-luv like obsession with Kryle Shrub, their negative obsession with Danica or Junior, or some diabolically stupid conspiracy theory.............


...... isn't it also ironic that "HARD ©O®E: can''t even spell HARD CORE and yet keeps busting people for mis-spelling Kyle's intentionally, which thus makes them either mentally handicapped or a hypocrite or just plain stupid - and interesting that GrizzlyBoyee's cognitive skills are so lacking he can't recognize the parallel between my own posts in direct response of josh's dumb crap?

Update 2:

........ poor joshua, he's so deluded that he's now somehow justifying in that little mind of his that Danica "isn't qualified to have come up from the minor leagues," yet has refused to recognize the fact that his man-crush is OVER QUALIFIED to be still running in the minors and yet still counts those minor league wins.................... HILARIOUS!

Update 3:

........ appears tbone missed his nappy time.

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    Doubt it.

    He's posted more stupidass crap than all the others combined.

    From his retarded conspiracy crap to his delirious "greatest wheelman ever" stupidity, it just keeps coming.

    Maybe everyone should contribute to a fund to get him some help.... or some meds..... or committed to a nut-house. Whatever is necessary.

  • Rick31
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    7 years ago

    I have seen much worse especially those ignorant aksers who want to know if auto racing is a sport and if Brian France fixes the races for Dale Earnhardt, Jr. who has won 2 races in the last 6 years. At least he knows the drivers and Dale, Jr could win conceivably win at Darlington just as much as anyone else.

  • 7 years ago

    At least he knows how to spell "Kyle Busch", which makes him one step ahead of a couple people who drag this place down. It's not like anyone has to answer his questions, so I don't see why your so upset over it.

  • He might just be a 12 year old dufus.

    Source(s): my 30+ Y!A! troll accounts
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  • 7 years ago

    Yeah probablY when you start asking and answering questions without a crap attitude. And Hey Pot that kettle is black too! Just read some of your own questions, most are anti Kyle.

  • Tbone
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    7 years ago

    You're a very jealous and angry person. Put on your big boy panties and ignore his questions if your feelings are so hurt. I like Josh and his questions are entertaining yet truthful.

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