What is so great about PaintTool SAI?

On Yahoo answers I have seen a lot of questions about Paint Tool SAI and everyone says it is so great, so I decided to download it. It has about the same capability about MS Paint, so why does everyone love it?

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  • 7 years ago
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    If you own a tablet you'd realize how controversial paint tool SAI is. I prefer the application because it allows me to use it at different pressures (tablets allow you to push hard with the pen for thicker harder lines and pushing softer creates lighter, smaller lines)

    I would only presume that you're comparing it to MS Paint because you haven't tried it with a tablet! Or that you're using the binary or pencil tool.

    Paint tool SAI is great for digital art. Especially for coloring and layering colors etc,

  • 7 years ago

    Well, no, SAI has more functionality than MS Paint (e.g. Paint doesn't have layer support).

    A lot of people like SAI because, when using a tablet, the brush controls you set tend to result in pretty smooth lines. Obviously it takes a bit of practice to get them perfectly smooth, but stuff like that is fairly important when it comes to digital painting.

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