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Why are Man Utd listed on the New York Stock Exchange?

I mean I don't get it, it's not as if they're big in the US what with 'soccer' being looked down on over there. Share prices have only mildly rises since Utd listed on the NYC Stock Exchange. I'd get it if they were listed in Tokyo or Shanghai because of their massive fanbase there and the rising economies of China and other Asian countries. Like what's the deal with New York? Hell Utd aren't even listed in London.


The Glazers should've listed in Asia, possibly Singapore to exploit the vast market there. Despite the flotation in NYC and the value of the club going up, Man Utd are still in debt to a tune of around $400 million.

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    aside from status, and the fact that United are american owned and sponsored. It was more of an effort to drive the clubs value up to make it the most valuable club in the world. it raised the clubs value by something like 200mill

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    Their owners, the Glazers, were in desperate need to re-finance the debt. They tried floating the club on the London Stock Exchange and even the Singapore Exchange, but no-one would even touch United with a ten foot pole.

    The only one that would was the NYSE. They raised their funds and have managed to keep the debt managable, although they have to adhere to the rules of the NYSE, which is why the managerial change was announced today, rather than Sunday.

    Their stockholders and investors have the right to know whether or not a change of manager will affect their shares or not.

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    Because they're the best team in the world

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    they try to advance funds by merchandising what appears like Bonds at a decrease interest fee than their modern-day debt interest and use that funds to hold down the dimensions if it. Borrow 200m at say, 3% and use it to shrink 800m at 4% Edit, incorrect, they try to sell shares that pay no dividends. strange!!

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    Their stocks always go down, they'll cause another recession!

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