Flute Solos??????????????????????????????

Ok, so i REALLY need some ideas for a solo piece. Im going into 10th grade and im pretty advanced with ny flute. Im moving schools and have to audition to be in their band. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks

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  • 7 years ago
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    Do you own the 24 Short Concert Pieces book? Without knowing your playing level, we cannot pick something out of the blue - but there are works there that would suits variety of levels - not of which are *easy*, and some of which get harder (Molique Andante, Andersen "The Mill", for example.) Tell us what you have played successfully at adjudications, etc, and those of us here that are flute experts can give you better advice.

    You can find that collection at www.fluteworld.com or any other decent music site.

    Source(s): Professional flutist/teacher/adjudicator in NY working full-time in NY since 1973.
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