In march i had unprotected sex and my boyfriend cumed inside of me for a week and a half straight. 2 weeks later on April 3rd i got my period so i was like "oh im not pregnant". Although i been so sensitive to smells and im tired and thirsty and have a few symptoms . It is now practically May 8th and im late 5 days on my period. I AM NEVER LATE. If so its for about a day. But i always get my period on the 3rd ! The last time i had sex was in march when my bf came inside me. COULD I BE PREGNANT???

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    Those sound like pregnancy symptoms, you should take a test.

  • 7 years ago

    Answer to your question, yes.

    People are so stupid. Do you really think people all around the world on the internet can tell you if you're pregnant or not?

    Go to the store and get a pregnancy test DUH. And maybe you should be more careful rather than letting some guy who probably wont be your "boyfriend" for long get you pregnant.

    EXACTLY why the world has so many broken families.

  • 7 years ago

    Its possible but if you are thinking about it a lot and looking for the symptoms your more likely to trick your body and stress can also cause you to be late. Kinda sounds like you want to be so just wait and take a test. :)

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