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i have straight hair but at school it gets frizzy and i hate it?

my hair is straight, and fine (thin). i brush it in the mornings and my hair looks perfect but when i get to school, it starts to look frizzy. then at the end of the day i look in the mirror and i am like "omg i need to stop the frizziness now". i put water in my hair at school but it still gets frizzy. help and nothing more than $10 products thank you

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    You can use mousse to tone it down and I use tresemme mousse because it works really well, prevents frizziness, and isn't sticky. It makes your hair really smooth

    This one above is has a strong control and is the one I use

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    Don't add water to it it will just make it worse ! What I use is mane n tail daily hair strengthener its super. Im from Ireland and I can get it for around 12 euro so its not that expensive. Also make sure to condition the bits of your hair that frizz most and also dry shampoo is really great. If this doesn't work put your hair in a nice pony tail or a fish tail braid :)

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    Argan oil is really good for frizzy hair.You pump a bit out and comb it through your hair to get it softer and a lot less frizzy. I use it and it’s awesome since I have the frizziest hair you can imagine. I got the Pro naturals argan oil, its not cheap but it really worth it.

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    ok adding water to frizzy prone hiar does nothing more than frizz it out more, i suggest looking around in shops(especially pound shops, you can find quite alot of high quality hair stuff in them shops, it where i get most of my stuff xD im a cheap ***) for anti-frizz serums/leave-in conditioners/mousse/clay/spray and a GOOD PURCHASE would be Moroccan Argon oil. i use it all the time. its this special formulation oil to serum product that deep condtions hair and stops frizz aswell as keeping hair soft, straight, healthy and full of shine :)

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    don't wet it at school...just bring a brush or comb to school with you & brush it often whenever you feel the fuzziness. works for me.

    answer mine? ..

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