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Im having trouble with my daughters boyfriend?

My daughter started dating this guy three years ago, and they are still going strong. He is 28 and just finished his 5 years as an officer in the 75 Rangers. He went to college and got his degree in logistics, with a minor in statistics.

My daughter was sexually abused when she was 23, and she went into a program that helps woman recover. This program also finds guys that are willing to date one of the girls in the program. They do very strict background checks and then do a polygraph test to see how you would treat woman in certain situations. The guy my daughter is with went looking for a girlfriend in this program.

He has helped my daughter get back on her feet by providing a place to live, and even helped get her a job. He has started playing a huge role in her life. He is big into boxing and poker. He is in a club for both. My daughter has always dreamed of doing dance, but she couldn't work the courage to try. He did and they do dance together

The problem comes in where we had a barbecue, and i have not met him yet. just scene pics. He just sat in the corner playing solitaire with him self. He didn't seem interested in talking about himself or talking about sports with the guys. He seemed like a coward. How can a cute looking, well built like just rather play cards and not be with the family.

How can I help my daughter find a real man?

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    Sounds like he is great for her! Maybe in social settings he is shy. Or maybe he feels awkward. Why did YOU step up and introduce yourself to him?

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    When you say "how can I help my daughter find a real man" it just screams out troll to me, but I am no expert, I have no evidence against you.

    I don't think you have your priorities right, this is a man who was willing to date a girl who had been sexually abused (I know it is crazy but there are a lot of guys who would avoid that) he helped her get a place to live and get a new job, giving her freedom and independence, he helped her get into dancing because he knew she loved it, he is a college graduate and spent time in the rangers, he boxes and plays poker, he sounds like a really caring, well rounded gentleman to me.

    The fact that he sat in the corner and played solitaire could be that he was nervous or shy, also you say you only saw the pictures they could be out of context, maybe he did talk and have a laugh but took a break to play solitaire (it is a really addictive game) but either way he is no less a man and your daughter has gotten really lucky with this guy.

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    what makes him not real? he treats your daughter well and has obviously helped her. who cares if he doesn't like sports or is not that social as long as he doesn't prevent her from attending social events if she wants to? she's an adult and can make her own decisions about who she wants to date.

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